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                        Convenience Store ~ Restaurant ~ Take out food - Motel ~ Bar & Liquor Store - Eaglesham, Alberta

                        DOLLY’S PLACE

                        In Eaglesham

                        Motel - Convenience Store - Sports Bar

                        5 room Motel
                        Take out Food
                        Convenience Store
                        Groceries / Water etc.
                        Liquor Off Sales

                        Sports Bar
                        Juke Box
                        Pool Tables
                        Arcade Games

                        A friendly place to gather


                        Business Indications
                        Motel on Highway 49 Alberta.
                        Motel in Eaglesham Alberta,
                        Motel in Northern Alberta, Motel in the Peace River Country, Convenience store in Eaglesham, Convenience store Highway 49 Alberta
                        Business Indications
                        Food and liquor store Eaglesham, Food and liquor sales Northern Alberta, Food & liquor sales Peace River Country, Food and liquor sales Highway 49 Alberta.
                        Takeout food in Eaglesham.

                        An Advertised Canadian Business with:
                        Artscript Canada Business Network

                        Promoted and Back Linked in Alberta by:
                        Alberta On The Web &
                        Peace Country On The Web

                        Eaglesham has the best 9 hole Golf in the Peace Region!

                        Ask about Eaglesham's premier
                        Golf Course

                        Our unlimited ourdoor recreation

                        Eaglesham’s unique
                        Outdoor Education School

                        West Smoky Recreation Centre

                        Camping and hunting in the area

                        Find out what Eaglesham has to offer.

                        Family Friendly & Open for Business.
                        Bring your family and your business to Eaglesham.